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Tennessee River

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Tennessee River

Headed down Illinois , Missouri 55
Pulled into Memphis , See Elvis & all that vibe
Stopped into Sun Records , passed along the way
Had to see where Carl & Johnny , Elvis & Jerry Played

Down route 72 Mississippi Alabama way
Next Stop Muscle Shoals , I kept hearing Ronnie Say
And he said

Something in that Tennessee River , That’s where the magic
Music plays . Something in that Tennessee River , That’s where
magic music stays .

I seen the studio , they call Fame
I seen where Aretha Stood , and Percy made his name
Went over Jackson highway for the rest of the day
A young gun named Colin , Showed me where Keith used to play

(Same as above)

(Guitar solo)

(Same as above)

Left 3614 Jackson Highway
Headed down to McFarland Park
Put my feet in the clay
Walked into the River , Up into my knees
I Said , Oh Lord help me write a song please

(Same as above )

(Repeat) & ( Repeat )